Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Atheist Resources

I don't have much new to say, but I've been doing some inspiring reading and listening lately, and thought I'd pass along some links for your spare-time, should you be so inclined.  I'm largely past the point of hoping that some variant of religion will come along and rescue me from my lack of faith.  Fortunately, I'm also largely past the point of despairing about it.  Here are some ways to either understand the atheist condition, or, on the off-chance you are one, some friends to share the experience with:

Susan Jacoby on the Blessings of Atheism

David Bazan on doubt and the decision to un-convert

Ricky Gervais is interviewed by Richard Dawkins

Penn Jillette on why Mitt Romney isn't crazy

Christopher Hitchens, approaching death, discusses his mortality

Evangelical pastor-turned-atheist Dan Barker discusses losing faith

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